Geographic experience: U.S., Japan (3 years), South Pacific (17 years), MENA (8 years), Asia and Colombia. Scott has lived outside of the U.S. for more than 25 years, and his detailed understanding of global customs and cultures serves as a valuable component of his work as an international consultant. • Domain expertise: Business planning, economic development, incubators & accelerators, universities (lecture, tech transfer, R&D), smart cities, early stage investing (angel), scaling engines (go to market), impact organizations, exits (M&A, JV, sales), emerging markets, innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization, going global, project management, partnering, strategy and recovery consulting. • Badges: Bachelor of Science…


MENA General Manager
Base: UAE
Geographic experience: MENA, U.K. and EU Domain expertise: Serial co-founder (Food & Beverage, MedTech, fashion, insurance, advisory) with exits, private equity, incubators, accelerators, investment banking, Not for Profit (NFP), capital raising, mentor, adviser to governments, innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem.  Badges:Master of Science in molecular biochemistry (Oxford), Master of Science in finance (Cass), Trustee for NFP, board member. Noteworthy: Tarig’s investment banking transactions exceed $10B.


GM Ecosystem Design
Base: Washington DC
Geographic experience: U.S., U.K., EU, Russia/Ukraine, Colombia, Caribbean and South Asia. Domain expertise: Author, complex adaptive systems, innovation, commercialization, tech transfer, consulting, World Bank, economic development, regional ecosystems, research institutes, emerging markets, project management and governments (research, aide, innovation, economic development). Badges: Holds a doctorate in physics, published in multiple disciplines, global speaker/lectures. Noteworthy: Alistair has applied his expertise in physics to develop complex adaptive systems to advance regional economic development. In 2019, he published a book on the topic.


Go To Market (GTM) Guide
Base: UAE and London
Geographic experience: MENA, U.K. and EU Serial co-founder. Domain expertise: serial co-founder (ecommerce, office fit out, consulting) with exits, incubators, accelerators, sales, GTM, venture & founder skilling, bus modelling, partnering and ability to successfully build and manage sales teams. Badges: Bachelor of Science in psychology,  mentor, incubator and accelerator program delivery partner, serial entrepreneur/founder. Noteworthy: Bridgett believes that sales is a process of problem solving and project management. Her focus on the drivers of demand and human nature always result in success.


Global Good GM
Base: Halifax
Geographic experience: North America, Africa, MENA and Afghanistan. Domain expertise: innovation, entrepreneurship, emerging markets, women in business, higher education (unis), go to market (GTM), business models,  project management, partnering and market entry. Badges: holds a doctorate degree in with a  dissertation on entrepreneurship in conflict zones, lecturer in Afghanistan, Africa and Canada.  Noteworthy: Tamara delivered the Afghanistan-based women in business program, which featured the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women global initiative.


Ecosystem Architect
Base: Jordan
Geographic experience: MENA, EU. Domain expertise: Ecosystem architect, program manager, innovation, commercialization, tech transfer, go to market, design thinking, business model, emerging markets, telecoms, consulting, research institutes & unis, grant management, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and tool development.  Badges: Master in technology & innovation, Bachelor of Science in engineering, lecturer at multiple unis  Noteworthy: Jamil has evaluated more than 1,000 research and innovation proposals.


Growth & Scaling Guide
Base: U.A.E. and Sydney
Geographic experience: MENA, South Pacific, North America Domain expertise: Ecosystem architect, economic development, incubator, accelerator, innovation, entrepreneurship, angel investor, consultant, university linkages, partnering, go to market, bus model. Badges: LLB, Masters in Innovation, board member, mentor, angel investor. Noteworthy: John is part of the executive team that won the best incubator of the world award at ATPi in Sydney, Australia.


Project Manager
Base: Las Vegas
Geographic experience: MENA, Indonesia, North America, South America, Caribbean, EU, Africa Domain expertise: Projects manager, major events organizer, entrepreneurship, innovation, US State Deparment, investors, go to market, fund raising, founder education, consulting, mentoring, trouble shooting. Badges: Master of Science in International Relations, extensive global studies, mentoring. Noteworthy: Yuri’s biography is similar to an intricate picture featuring stories from Tbilisi to Peru, signifying each place she’s worked throughout the world.


Base: Australia
Geographic experience:  South Pacific and North America. Domain expertise: serial entrepreneur, project management, choice modelling, decision engineering,  university, commercialization, R&D and innovation. Badges: Master of Science in decision science, PhD in process. Noteworthy:  David believes that better inputs drive better decisions.


Project manager
Base: U.A.E.
Geographic experience:  MENA, EU, North America, Africa and Latin America.  Domain expertise: project management, communications, author, consultant, innovation, entrepreneurship, incubation, acceleration, commercialization, private equity, M&A, first 100 days and research.  Badges: MBA (INSEAD), mentor, blogger and thought leader.  Noteworthy: Kia is a distinguished author and received accolades for her book regarding the first 100 days after purchasing a business.


Chief scientist
Base: Australia
Geographic experience:  South Pacific, North America, EU and Asia (China & India) Domain expertise: Environmental scientist (water, power, waste – alternative and traditional), program manager, inventor, innovator, serial entrepreneur, commercialization and smart cities.   Badges: Masters in environmental science Noteworthy: Brook lives with his work, researching and inventing everything from rapid cement walls to gadgets in the various sheds at his home.


GM EU and Medtech
Base: France, UK.
Geographic experience: U.K., France, EU, North and South America. Domain expertise: Management consulting, biomedical technology innovation, health, education, energy and maritime sectors and transversal background in Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management and Arts. Badges: IEMP (London Business School), BSc Engineering (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) research (Imperial College London) on Algorithms for the detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia. Noteworthy: Director of Cardio Research in Chile and France, Research Fellow at Imperial College UK on image processing of the knee, coached students at London Business School (LBS) and La Sorbonne to build ventures, introduced leadership programs in secondary schools in…